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While every domestic case is unique, and not all divorce matters deal with extremely complicated issues, complex divorces are not limited to families with high incomes or high net worth. As a divorce lawyer, you know complex divorce issues often arise in cases where there are professional practices and closely held family businesses and/or couples who have “part marital” and “part separate” funds invested in real estate, pension and retirement plans, etc. Long-term marriages where alimony, home equity, retirement, and college savings accounts are at issue also present challenges that are best handled by an experienced family law attorney. As experience can only be attained over time, it is imperative that young lawyers have the availability of knowledgeable leadership to develop skillsets necessary to handle extremely complex divorce matters.

Though mediation is a requirement for most divorce cases in North Carolina, resolution of conflicts that exist in complex family matters can often be found with the assistance of a skilled mediator who is also knowledgeable in the business of litigation and case evaluation. Arbitration of matters unresolved by mediation can be more efficient and less costly than traditional divorce litigation. These alternatives to court-oriented divorce are both private and confidential.

Howard Gum has dedicated more than 40 years to understanding the complexities of divorce. His expertise in highly contentious family matters bridges the entirety of the social, economic, and educational spectra. Howard is certified as a Family Law Arbitrator by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, where he also enjoys Fellowship, and is a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law by the North Carolina Board of Legal Specialization. His decades of experience in litigation, negotiation, and the mediation of complex divorce matters make him the right choice to provide a range of services to other lawyers, including consultation, neutral case evaluation, and the expert resolution of your client’s divorce through mediation or arbitration.

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After 40 years of practice as one of Western North Carolina’s most sought family litigators, Howard Gum is bringing his vast array of experience in divorce matters to conflict resolution, offering mediation, arbitration and neutral evaluation services to family law attorneys and their clients. Howard is a skilled mediator and is certified by the AAML as a Family Law Arbitrator.

Complimenting his existing litigation practice he is now offering dispute resolution services. Howard is available to consult with other lawyers to help provide their clients a clear understanding of strategies and their potential outcomes of their complex divorce matters, especially as that relates to family and closely held business, large estates, investments, and other complex family entanglements.

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